Foreign companies groups, individuals who seek to undertake assignments as journalists, photographers, television and film producers, researchers and book writers are required to apply for permit to undertake such assignments. The application form for media permit in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar (journalistic, filming or photography) work must be endorsed by the High Commission and sent back to the applicant.

The applicant with the help of the host institution or person should forward the endorsed application form and fee one month before the commencing date of the assignment to the;

National Film Censorship Board
Department of Culture Development
Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports
P.O Box 8031, DAR ES SALAAM.

Tel.: +255 222121920 / 222123931 / 222117819
Fax: +255 222121920 / 222123931 / 222117819
E-mails: / /
(for journalists, TV and film producers, photographers, book writers)

and for Zanzibar to;
Information Department
P.O Box 2754, Zanzibar

Tel: 2231073/2231011
Fax: 2231011

For more information on filming permit, press accreditation, broadcasting and fees please visit

NOTE: The above media permit applications is separate from entry visa which should be made to the nearest Consulate / Embassy Resident and Work Permit application should be made to the immigration department in Tanzania before entry to Tanzania