People of Tanzania origin living in countries across the globe have enriched their adopted countries in diverse fields. You have made a name for yourselves in public life, economics, industry, business and trade, music and film, medicine, science and technology, academics and arts. Your contributions have earned you both recognition and respect. In many countries you count among the richest and influential families.

While many of you have taken on the nationality and citizenship of the countries you are living in, your bonds with your motherland remain strong. The entrenched democratic process in Tanzania remains a source of pride as does the global endorsement of Tanzania as a democratic and responsible partner for the world community.

The communications revolution, the Internet, Facebook, Twitter have enabled instant communications, making it possible for those in Tanzania and people of Tanzania origin living abroad to follow closely Tanzania’s economic resurgence. Many of you have returned to use their knowledge and skills for strengthening Tanzania’s developmental process.

As new generations of people of Tanzania origin come of age in different countries and the demographics in Tanzania too change with a far more globally aware young population coming to the forefront in different fields, it is imperative that the connections between Tanzania and its Diaspora are deepened and new bonds established. It is with this objective that we have decided to start a Tanzania Diaspora Registration, to

a) create the first-ever Database of the Tanzania Diaspora and its associations/bodies and,

b) facilitate regular exchange of information and news.

The endeavor is an offering what we envision to be the most ambitious, unique and comprehensive Tanzania Diaspora Community, with the twin aims of not only informing and educating, but also becoming a catalyst for enriching interactions and exchanges among the Diaspora, by creating a virtual bridge between the expatriate Tanzania community and Tanzania as also between themselves.

This Database, which will be accessible to those who register themselves and have their entries verified, will allow members to network among themselves for professional, business and social reasons. Personal information will be put on the Database only with due permission of the person/association. Only those registered will have access to special updates and information. On our part, we will keep the Diaspora informed about opportunities and developments in Tanzania – political, economic, social and cultural – and especially on issues / areas impacting the lives and interests of the Diaspora, through periodic newsletters and updates.

We therefore seek your support through your registration on our Website and making it your own. In course of time, you will be able to directly upload news, photos and videos about your association's activities directly on the site in your own space in micro-sites we will create for you. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to clarify any queries which you might have about this initiative.